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Sony Data Storage

The sony dsm digital data storage tape drive is perfect for digital data storage. It provides easy access to your data with an mdf build. The drive includes a 5v12v power cord and an included manual.

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The sony dg60p dg90p dds cartridge is a high-quality data storage cartridge that offers great features for sony users. It offers 16 mb of on-board storage and 1ppard microsd/up to 2, the dg60p dg90p dds cartridge also features a durable build and features a data-saving feature where all your photos and videos are stored in one place.
the sony data storage is a great choice for those who need to store and access digital data. It features a 50-pin scsi tape drive and can operate at 5 volts. It also includes a data protection system that ensures data isr properly protected and cannot be destroyed.
this is a sony lto4 ultrium 800gb tape cartridge. It is a 8 hundred twenty four bit bus-switched data storage system with a capacity of 800gb and a speed of 1, it is a single component product and comes with a data protection card.